- TEI's 75th Annual Conference - https://ac20.teionline.org -


Why is TEI’s Annual Conference virtual?

What will it cost?

How do I register?

I registered for the Conference – but how do I access it?

I’ve lost my job, am I eligible for a reduced rate?

If I register but then am unable to attend, can I get a refund?

Will the dates remain the same?

How will the Conference operate?

How do I have the best Virtual Conference experience?

Will all Conference sessions be live, or will any be pre-recorded?

So much of attending a live Conference is networking and making new connections with peers. How can I do that in a virtual environment?

Will the schedule be similar to other Annual Conferences in the past?

How can I secure event updates?

Are you still using the TEI conference app?

Will you be posting live updates on your social media accounts?

Will all TEI events be virtual for the rest of this year?

What sponsorship opportunities are available?


Thank you for attending #AC20! Please email us if you are missing your CPE credit! [3]